Online Reputation Management Strategies

Best Practices FEATURED Online Reputation Management

Company reputation management isn’t easy. A company that does a poor job of managing its reputation is going to lose customers. Therefore, keeping a good reputation is crucial. Here are a few tips that will work.

Find The “Big Boys” In The Business

The “big boys” are the people that have the most influence in your own specific market. You need to look for whoever makes the decision in your particular niche. Then you want to contact them in some way to become friends with them and entice them into endorsing your company.

Consumers follow the major decision-makers, so if you are endorsed by even just one, it makes you stand out amongst your competitors big time!

Using The Right Tools To Stay On Top

You need to make sure that you are staying on top of your online reputation. If you are falling behind, or haven’t even started yet then you are already setting yourself and your business up for failure. Therefore, reputation monitoring is more important than ever, and there are a number of tools readily available that will help you do just this. The best tool on the market by far is one called HootSuite, but if you want to do it without it costing you a penny, you can make sure you take advantage of Google Alerts. That way, when you get a negative review you can handle it right away rather than letting it grow into a nasty problem!

Ask For Reviews From Existing Customers

You want to make sure that you are asking your existing customers to leave you feedback on a daily basis. Not all of them are going to do it, but you want to at least mention it to everyone you get the chance to!

As long as you have satisfied the customer, they will be very likely to leave you an honest, detailed review of their experience with your business!

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