Dealing With Negative User Reviews

Customer Relations FEATURED

Over 70% of customers say that they check for product or business reviews online before purchasing anything. Here are some simple tips for handling negative user reviews:

1) Monitor – actively monitor user review website such as

2) Respond Professionally – when you respond to any reviews be professional and diplomatic, if there’s a problem try and offer a solution. This is your chance to turn a bad review into a positive one.

3) Comment Publicly – when you’re initially responding to a review make a public comment directly under a user’s review this will make sure it’s visible to all users and prospective customers.

Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some things you should never do when addressing problems online:

Never write fake reviews – if you’re found out writing fake positive reviews about your business then it will do far more damage than a few negative reviews.

Never trade insults – even if it’s very tempting never trade insults with a customer, it will make you appear like you don’t care. People will always find it easier to identify with a fellow customer than a business and you will lose potential customers

You aren’t going to turn every negative review into a positive one but if you consistently reach out to people, use each review as constructive criticism and engage with your customers then you will be in a much better position in the long term.

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